All revenue from the sale of our products is re-invested in our charitable organisation which exists solely to provide less fortunate individuals with assistance by providing money for hospital and clinical infrastructure, by supplying medical equipment and funding medical aid to those unable to afford hospitalisation or treatment in Africa, India and other countries. We consider self-help as of the utmost importance for the dignity of the recipients, and where possible we ensure that this plays a part in any of our charitable contributions to each individual's cause.

Any purchases or contributions to our cause WILL help to raise funds for our aid efforts that assist deserving individuals in Zambia and regions throughout India.

Want to make a donation? Any amount of money received, however large or small, will be fully invested in our Christian Charity Work.

Download our catalogue as a PDF and take a look at our alternative gifts. Use the form below if you wish to order any items listed in the catalogue, stating what you would like to order and your contact details.